November 10th. 2019

 Being a butterfly of a creative like me can sometimes be a bit of a frustration … I am always feeling that I need to learn ALL the crafts, mediums and skillsets. I love to do a bit of lino printing, cross stitch or enamelling from time to time, but my biggest passion that isn't glass just has to be silversmithing.My learning is very organic, and by that I mean that I can't afford to take courses or classes as my profits just about cover my bills and keep my shop ticking over, so I am taking the slow road.Some days nothing works … I keep breaking saw blades, or the solder just will not flow. Yesterday was not one of those days … hurrah !!!!I had fun making 3 rings … My soldering and finishing & polishing is definitely improving, though I still have a way to go just yet.My long term plan is to be (by next Christmas shopping season), a competent silversmith with a definitive line of designs ….. ie. a grown up silversmith !I have lots of time to get there over the coming year, as long as I put plenty of hours into practicing this artform. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.In the mean time, I just want to express my huge gratitude to my friends, near and far, who have enough faith in my current skill level to purchase the pieces I am making. I've even picked up a couple of commissions over the past few weeks …. I feel humbled. Thank you.Please do understand though … my current prices do reflect my current skill set. I do not wish to undervalue the work of professional smiths out there by undercharging, but I do need t make sales so that I can buy more silver and gemstones and keep improving.Anyway … enough for now. I'll leave you with a few photos of my latest rings. Catch you later xApologies for the slightly blurry photos … it was so dark yesterday. I must put a photocube light tent thingy on my Santa list !