Well ... after an optimistic early spring, this happened ! I don't think that any of us were expecting a Coronavirus pandemic. I don't really know where to begin really ... the whole thing has been totally mind blowing, and not in a good way. The scale of human tragedy we are seeing on a daily basis here in the UK (and worldwide) is truly shocking.

Personally, I have spent weeks reeling in some sort of meltdown. It all began to get really personal for me just at the start of social distancing. I was queuing in the local shop for a few essentials and I got coughed all over ... right in my face ! I was mortified and frozen to the spot !!! I just didn't know what to do with myself. I quickly exited the shop and came straight home and subsequently went into 2 weeks total quarantine at home. Having to stay separate from  my family ... my partner, even, was truly miserable, but thankfully, no symptoms ! After a nasty bout of bronchitis a couple of years back, which needed a trip to hospital, I was all too aware of the seriousness of the situation and it really did get me down.

So I was already having to close the shop anyway, then the lockdown was announced, compounding my worry even further. Since then, I have been in a REALLY weird place emotionally.

The shop closed. Sales drying up. Worrying whether my business has a future. Being forced into staying home pretty much all the time. All of these have compounded my worries about the whole pandemic and have not made for an easy life. 

Anyway ... fast forward a few weeks and I am starting to crawl out of my black tunnel. I have made a few pieces of jewellery (now listed in my shop) and I have spent some time knitting ear savers for NHS / care workers ... these little gadgets save our amazing health workers from getting sore ears because they wear facemasks all day ... here they are ... it feels great to do something to help, even if it's only a small gesture.Part 2 to follow after a cuppa .......