April 2020

 This pandemic has car crashed into all of us ... people, communities and whole countries. The economy is tanking and nobody knows, yet, when it will restart. Thankfully, there are one or two lifelines that government is throwing out to us small traders and I am now in the process of applying for everything and anything I may be eligible for. Although I don't have any definite answers yet, it is making me pull myself up by the boot straps and get on with trying to save my business.  I know that many of you have followed me over the years and that I have always been an internet trader, but having my own premises for this past year has been amazing and I am loathed to see it fail ... LOATHED I tell you ! 

 So to help me feel more optimistic, I am now starting to redecorate in readiness for my reopening ... whenever that may be ! So I have decided to wallpaper my main display wall with something pretty and I am also hoping to chalk paint my pine dresser to give it some oomph ! One thing that uplifts me every time I go up to the shop is my collection of beautiful tulips (here's one of them, above). They are just LUSH ! They are also keeping my vase full at home too, as there's not really much point in leaving them in front of a closed shop doorway is there, so hey ... take your positives where you can find them !I do hope that you are all staying safe (and sane) during these trying times ... I long for the day when I can chat to customers in my little shop once more ... big love to you all xxx